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Primary or Secondary

We can provide on-site sporting activities for your school.

We can:

-Enhance your existing provision by taking children out of their comfort zone and encouraging child led initiatives through adventurous activities.

-Raise the profile of PE and sport in your school with cross curricular links to other subjects and help support creative writing, numeracy and topic work.

-Work with staff to increase knowledge and skills to further integrate physical activity  into school life through sporting activities.  We will work with staff to give them the confidence to take risks in delivering engaging sessions.

-Introduce a different range of sporting activities such as rock climbing, fencing and archery to broaden the sporting experiences for children.

-Offer a variety of activities that are Olympic sports and sessions can have a competitive element.

Rock climbing is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK and will be included as an Olympic sport in Tokyo 2020.  With many young talented climbers from the North East of England.

All of the schools we work with find our service useful in fulfilling their schools’ commitment to the National Curriculum in PE at all Key stages.


We work with children and young people of all ages and abilities helping them to achieve their own individual targets whilst providing learning which motivates, challenges and stimulates.  We find this promotes team building and bonding, and helps social development.

We emphasize the importance of health and safety and seek to encourage pupils to help and assist each other through verbal support.  We encourage the need for a healthy lifestyle and work with other providers in tackling obesity in children.

Organizing outdoor adventurous activities such as rock climbing can prove difficult for most schools.  Our unique mobile rock climbing wall makes such activities much more accessible and affordable.

We can be operational on your site with our 25 feet high mobile climbing wall in under an hour.  5 people at a time can climb the wall using the walls patented auto belay system.

Using our mobile climbing wall it is possible to climb an average class (30) in one hour.  Valuable lesson time is not wasted travelling and costly transportation is avoided. Visit our other activities page to see what else we can do for your school. This includes multi activity or carousel days.